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Chris and his team overhauled the cylinders and did some other top end work on the 165 Franklin I had overhauled for my Bellanca 14-13. In an era where the Franklin engine is considered to be an orphan, Chris and his team have breathed new life into this outstanding engine with their state of the art facility, craftsmanship, and experience. I just returned from a 1600+ mile, 14.4 hour cross country in my 165hp Franklin powered Bellanca. This engine was overhauled by Jamie Treat, but Chris and the Airworx team overhauled the cylinders and did some other work on the engine. The engine now has 60 hours since overhaul and on this recent trip, it performed flawlessly and burned 1/2 quart of oil in 14.4 hard hours in the summer heat. I'd highly recommend Airworx they are the BEST!
Brad Donner​
Bellanca Franklin Engine
Chris Collum and the team at Airworx LLC, were instrumental in the upgrading of my 1947 Stinson 108-1 into an Alaska bush capable airplane again! I chose to keep it light and simple. Rather than invest in an engine conversion that would add weight and the complexity of a constant speed prop, Airworx overhauled my Franklin 150 engine, installed a 220 crankshaft creating a -4 engine. Since the crankshaft flange would require a new propeller, I selected a seaplane prop with and 80/40 pitch. This produces excellent short field and climb performance while maintain a respectable cruise speed of 110-115 mph IAS – even with 29” Alaska bush wheels installed! The result is a backwoods off airport capable aircraft with over a 900 pound useful load. And convenience and economy of utilizing ethanol free 87 octane automobile fuel. Chris has always been responsive and I highly recommend Airworx
William Stinson
Franklin / Stinson
How many good things can I say about Airworx and Chris Collum? Our "200 SMOH" Franklin turned out to have been maybe overhauled, maybe pencil-whipped (with a cracked crankshaft, mag drive gears that looked like they'd been pounded with a pickax, homemade pot-metal valve guides, etc., etc., etc. Chris found us all the parts (including a never-been-ground crankshaft!) and overhauled the engine, and shipped it back ready to go looking brand new. Great communications, obvious skills, and a good attitude. I'd do business with him again in a heartbeat. JP
JP McLaughlin
Franklin / Stinson
I would 100% recommend chris and his crew to anyone who asked. He went above and beyond helping me get my 165 franklin back in service and cant thank them enough. The best part is flawless communication which is hard to come by these days.
Jason Furqueron
Franklin Engine / Stinson 108
You won't find any one more experienced or with more knowledge about engine then the guys at Airworx LLC
Mario Werth
Franklin / Bell 47
Chris and the AirWorx family are theonly people I trust to keep my Franklin 220 running like new. They overhauled my engine to factory specs after a period of neglect by the previous owner. Totally knowledgeable, always innovating, and uncompromising customer service are the words I would use to describe the AirWorx Team. They REALLY are that good!
David English
Franklin 220 / Socata
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Alan VanDevanter
Franklin Engine / Stinson
Excellent work. The engine runs smooth as butter. Chris continued to answer my questions regarding break-in well after the job was done.
Joey Krownan
Franklin / Bell 47
We get our Lycoming's rebuilt/refurbished by these guys. Their work is impeccable and the little things they do make all the difference. When an engine is shipped to us, it is packaged well enough to withstand Armageddon. Moisture desiccant packs, plastic can stick it in a corner and get to it months later and it comes out looking like it left the factory. Just high quality work. And they run like a scalded dog. I would almost prefer a brand new engine go through their process first before we used it! lol
Airworx is currently building my second Franklin 220 hp engine with all their latest processes (for my second Maule) Engine number one is performing flawlessly. Chris is great to work with. A true professional. Stands behind his work 100% and patiently answers all question in a very timely manor.   If you need Franklin Engine work, Chris is the man. Jon.
Franklin / Maule
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