Our Services

Complete Engine Overhaul

Send us your engine and we will do a full FAA certified overhaul. This includes replacement of all life limited parts, gaskets, etc. Our experienced A&P’s will overhaul your engine manual specific and right the first time. You will have all the proper certifications necessary to get you back flying with confidence.

Cylinder Overhaul

We are one of the few companies out there that can overhaul cylinders in house. This reduces wait time dramatically. We wanted to be 100% sure you get quality work without having to wait 5 months.

Engine Tuning

Running rough? something not quite right? Oil temp acting up? We can get it back in shape and tuned up so she runs like new again!


We are certified aviation welders for aluminum, stainless steel, and chromoly.  We have reliable equipment and experienced welders

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our full service sheet metal fab shop can fix any needed air frame work ..and much more!!


Inspect and repair as necessary.

Bring your plane or helicopter to us, and we will give it a solid inspection and repair anything needed to get you flying again.

  • In-house NDI-BPA staff includes Level II NDI technicians certified to MIL-I 271F.
  • All external hardware plated per federal specifications.
  • All cylinder deck heights matched to crankshaft centerline.
  • All crankshafts dynamically balanced with approved data.
  • Valve guides honed instead of reamed, meaning better finish and dimension control
  • Featuring Serdi Precision valve seat cutting equipment with three angle valve seats and no lapping – the ASCAR way.
  • flow matching available for experimental engines.
  • Engine updates incorporated at overhaul (SB, SI, AD’s).
  • Traceable parts history for each component. NO bogus parts.