Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I get "My" engine overhauled?

Yes, most of our customers want to have their own engine overhauled. This way, you know the complete operating history of the engine.

How long does an overhaul take?

Depending of the model and condition of your engine, it can take an average of three weeks. Delays can occur in the event of supplier parts shortages or special repairs. If the customer can give us repair authorization in advance, it decreases delays considerably. After an engine is disassembled and inspected, we contact the owner to report the internal condition. The customer’s preferences on repairs after inspection will determine the time for any additional repairs. Often, customers like to come in and personally examine the condition of the engine at inspection stage. Exchange engines ordered in advance have no delay and can be shipped via truck or airline to anywhere in the world. For multiple orders of the same series engines, down time can be significantly decreased.

Do you "Zero" time my engine?

The phrase zero-time engine is very misleading and implies that you are getting an engine with parts that don’t have any hours on them. Most people would think if their engine was “zero-timed” by the engine manufacturer, the parts were never operated before. This is untrue. A factory “zero-time” engine with a new logbook can have an unknown operating history with thousands of hours on the majority of parts. Due to the FARs, the manufacturers are allowed to use parts that have unknown operating history, install them in a factory-remanufactured engine, and call it “zero-time”. This only applies to the original engine manufacturer and may not be represented by field overhaulers. When we overhaul your engine, you know the exact time on the major components and you don’t wind up with an unknown operating history engine. The total time is entered in the logbook and is signed off as “zero since major overhaul”.

Can I fly my airplane to a nearby shop?

Yes, we will be glad to refer you to a local aviation maintenance facility that can handle the removal and installation of our overhauled engines. 

Can my mechanic install my overhauled engine?

Yes, you can have your mechanic install the engine, but be sure that he is well briefed on the manufacturer’s installation instructions and has all the proper equipment. Initial engine run-in is critical, and we recommend that your mechanic contact us prior to first-start of the engine.

Can you provide a list of referrals?

Yes, upon request for a quote, ask for a current list of customer references.