UPDATE: posted Aug 2022

Due to increasing parts and operational costs, the prices below have been updated
Aug 1 2022.

Certified Engines 

AIRWORX maintains a strict adherence to Manufacturers’ overhaul parts replacement requirements, SB and AD compliance. Each overhauled or repaired component is inspected using our quality control standards before return to service. AIRWORX maintains total parts traceability and documented test cell data using our in-house hydraulic dynamometer test cell. Frequently used for research and development and manufacturing certification tests. Test cell data is collected electronically, downloaded, and a copy is furnished with each engine along with proper documentation on all work accomplished. Service Bulletin and FAA-AD compliance, an itemized parts list and maintenance releases for vendors for your records. 


You will know it’s an AIRWORX engine because you will feel the difference while flying it. Overhauling all engines to Factory New Limits with FAA approved value added processes result in an engine with unsurpassed reliability, efficiency, and power.


Time-to-continue repairs are available for the customers who experience problems with mid-time engines. From cylinder repairs to required SB compliance needs, AIRWORX applies the same high standards on all work, and dynos repaired engines to ensure your satisfaction. 

Teardown Inspections and Prop Strike Inspections 

AIRWORX helps ensure compliance with mandated prop strike inspections. All teardown inspections are completed with a focus on getting you back in the air safely and with a reliable engine. Prop strike inspections include an incoming compression check, teardown, non-destructive testing, paint, assembly testing and crating for secure shipment back to you. All pricing includes the following parts replacement as required by the manufacturer: rod bolts and nuts, rod and main bearings, all gaskets and gear attaching bolts, magnetos cushions, all locking devices, thrust buttons, counterweight washers, silicon rocker box gaskets, drain hoses, and oil filters.

Dyno Runs are $1500

PRICING (Effective Aug 1st 2022): Does not include cylinder repairs, hidden damage due to sudden stoppage or corrosion.

⦁ 4 Cylinder Engines $9,800
⦁ 6 Cylinder Engines $12,500
⦁ Turbo Charged Engines $13,200


Franklin including accessories

ModelOverhauled to New limits


Model Cost
O-235 SERIES $25,000
O-320 SERIES $25,000
IO-320 SERIES $26,000
O-360 SERIES $26,000
IO-360 180 HP $28,000
IO-360 200 HP
0-540 SERIES $32,000
O-540-J SERIES $34,000
IO-540 SERIES $35,000
IO-540 300 HP
TIO-540 SERIES $48,000


Model Cost
O-200 $22,000
O-300 SERIES $26,500
IO-360 SERIES $34,000
O-470 SERIES $34,000
IO-470 SERIES $37,000
IO-520 SERIES $37,000
IO-550 SERIES $39,500
IO-550-N S44,000


Prop Strike Inspection (MPI/Dimension/Advise)

4 Cylinder $158
6 Cylinder $211
8 Cylinder  $330
HVOF Crankshaft repair CALL

Premium Polish Service (MPI/Dim/Cadd Plate Flange & Certify) 

4 Cylinder $417
6 Cylinder  $491
8 Cylinder  $661

Grind Journals –Single Set (Rods or Mains) to Manufacturer’s Limits

(Renitride, Cadd plate, Micro Polish, and Certify) 

4 Cylinder  $634
6 Cylinder  $846
8 Cylinder  $1174

Grind Journals (Rods AND Mains) to Manufacturer’s Limits 

(Renitride, Cadd plate, Micro Polish, and Certify) 

4 Cylinder- Less Nitride (A65,A75,C85-M10) $598
4 Cylinder  $710
6 Cylinder  $946
8 Cylinder  $1421

Continental Service Bulletins and Repairs

Propeller Flange Repair $277

Lycoming Service Bulletins and Repairs 

Machine Gear Mount Counter Bore Dia (Oversize P005, P010, P015) $321
Chrome Repair Gear Mount Counter-Bore Back to Standard $1229
Machine Gear Pilot Mounting Face $142
Repair Corrosion in Front Main I.D. Bore $364
Grind Front Main I.D. Bore (ASI Repair 0014) $364
Propeller Flange Repair $331
Replace Sludge Tubes $10 each

Other Repairs

Cad Plate & Bake Crankshaft Flange (All) $173
Chrome Repair Propeller Pilot (Lycoming or Continental) $624
Oil Seal Repair (Lycoming or Continental) $290
Replace Dowel (Lycoming or Continental) $30
Chrome Repair Rear Gear Mount (Franklin) $578
Non-Repairable Clean/Inspect Fee (all crankshafts) $80

Lycoming Crankshaft Gears 

Inspect and/or modify for Compliance with S. B. 475C $111


Continental (most) Re-bush $55
Lycoming (all) Re-bush $153
Continental GTSIO-520- Repair for Re-use $204
Replace Counterweight Bushings in Crankshaft  $43 Per Blade
Assemble Counterweights on Crankshaft $80

Propeller Shaft 

Continental Propeller Shaft –Polish Journals and Cad Plate  $426
Continental Propeller Shaft- Grind Journals and Cad Plate  $630
Continental Propeller Shaft Drive Gear –Polish Journals  $296
Continental Propeller Shaft Drive Gear- Grind Journals $506
Overhaul and Repair IAW S. I. 1108 C (Lycoming only)  Request Quote 
A-65 / C-85 Prop Hub (MPI Inspect, cadd plate)  $166
Inspection Fee, Non-Repairable $30

Tappet Bodies  

Recondition Lycoming & Continental (Mushroom type) $41
Recondition Lycoming (Hyperbolic) $58
Recondition Lycoming P/N LW 16812 (H2AD, Alternate Warranty applies) $108
Recondition Continental Straight Bore Lifter (Barrel Type) $53
Recondition Hydraulic Units, Clean, Inspect, Flow Check $39
Flow Match Only (new parts only) $10
Refurbish Pushrod Sockets (if included) $4.25


Prop Strike Inspect (MPI, Restore Surface Finish & Cert) 

4 Cylinder Camshaft $115
6 Cylinder Camshaft  $140
8 Cylinder Camshaft  $209
Colony Camshaft repairCALL

Grind Lobes and Certify 

4 Cylinder Camshaft (Lycoming/Continental)  $295
4 Cylinder Camshaft (Franklin)  $185
6 Cylinder Camshaft (Lycoming/Continental)  $210
6 Cylinder Camshaft (Franklin)  $315
8 Cylinder Camshaft (Lycoming)  $349

Connecting Rods/Rocker Arms 

Connecting Rods 

Complete Repair/Recondition  $113
Exchange RFQ
Lycoming Tongue & Groove (LW10646, 13422, 19332)  $199
Exchange Tongue & Groove (LW10646, 13422, 77450, 19332) RFQ
Modify Per S.I. 1183  $37
Modify Per S.I. 1359  $113
IO-520 Exchange Wide for Narrow, (includes workup less bushing) $250
Balance a Set of 4 $70
Balance a Set of 6  $117
Balance a Set of 8  $166

Rocker Arms

Complete Repair/Recondition Lycoming Style $60
Complete Repair/Recondition Continental Style $60
Clean and Dimensional Inspection Only  $26
Drill Oil Supply Hole in a Continental Old Style $26
Modify to Accept One Piece Bushing (Complies with S.B. M93-7) RFQ

Inspect Miscellaneous Steel Pieces (Per lot, max lot size 42 pieces)

Magnetic Particle Inspection Per ASTM 1444

4 Cylinder Engine  $179
6 Cylinder Engine $227
8 Cylinder Engine  $296
Geared Engine  $339

Oil Sump repair

Continental Magnesium Oil Sump RepairCALL

Shop Fees

Shop Labor Rate$170
Shipping and Packaging Fee (Per Shipment$25

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