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Franklin 165 finished except the accessories. Should have them installed by Monday.Image attachmentImage attachment

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A piece of art

Well done great work,I like the colour

That's red for sure

The Lycoming O320-E2D 160HP STC just about finished. Will be installing the accessories in the morning.Image attachmentImage attachment
This is one of the Continental o-300 oil sumps that we repair. This particular one had a hole about the size of a dime completely through. Turned out nice I’d say.Image attachment
Franklin porn Friday. Fresh 6A4-165 almost completed.Image attachment

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That Red offsets that Gray nicely!

Good color combo

I’m confident the engine’s designer, Fred Loetterle, would be pleased and not care about the color variations.

Wow thats beautiul

Who else loves green? Zyglo inspection of a Lycoming o-540 case.

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Can you please show a picture showing a failed part (just to see how the green color shows the part failing)

This pass?

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What CAD/CAM program do you run? do you probe it, or what are you indicating off of?

Can this be done on narrow deck 0320?

You have to invest some time into the Continental 0-300. 5-10 HP were surely left on the table😤

Do you line-bore the cases after milling?

Awesome, can't wait to get it installed!!

Hey, I wonder who that’s for!

Didn't know the case had to be modified for the 160hp. Thought it was just pistons.

Just curious, how come there are 2 oil inlets in the last crank shaft neck bearing support?

Airworx LLC can you obtain the stc ? Or would I have to get it myself ?

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Well, we did it. We now have a FAA Approved Repair Specification to overhaul the roller lifters for Lycoming engines.

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Is the roller lifter a mod to a wide deck case, or is it a different case? And what does it do better? I have an AEIO-540D4A5 that is getting close to overhaul.

Are you guys the first and only shop to do this? Congrats!

Awesome. Can you share any details of the process? Do you remove the roller? Recondition it or replace it? Any defects that can be repaired? Or just inspection and minor rework?

How much per unit?

Please make some lubrication system to this hardware...

Congratulations Brother, Job well done!!!

Congratulations Airworx!!🫡💪




How cool!


Excellent 👍

Gee Bet that was easy Government: We're not Happy unless yer not Happy.....

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When you have your own tool designer, drafter, and cnc machinist in-house, the capabilities are limitless. This is a connecting rod bushing replacement fixture. Make the bushing removal and installation much easier.Image attachment

2 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx will be building a Franklin 6a-335 engine that will be for sale. This is a great option to re-power a 108-3 without having to buy an STC. I has a service instruction that allows the installation. The engine will be 32000.00 outright with accessories and will come with a FAA 8130-3 release certificate. If interested contact me. This will sell fast. ... See MoreSee Less

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We have a engine and transmission we swapped out after you rebuilt the one in the other 47. if anyone’s interested we would like to sell the whole helicopter 🚁 or possibly part it out.

That’s a great price fully loaded👍🏻

Looks like Monday is crankshaft shipping day.Image attachment

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Looks like there is a lumpy bump stick in there

Well I just have to find two serviceable VAR cranks!

Were these previously out of spec and then brought back?

We are trying something a little different. We are planning on sending key chain tags with our builds. These will have make model and SN on the back. Thoughts?

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Cool idea I’d use it!

Love the idea. Now i need to find another motor for you to rebuild. Lol

Dog tags for your motor. Love it.

Excellent idea, the customer can carry it with them on a key ring and always have those numbers handy.

Hmmm….reminds me of something I wore around my neck on a chain….

It’s a way to brand your work.

I like it.

"Official warranty card" 😂

Great idea!!

Nice to have for future referencing.

Love it!

Pretty cool




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2 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

We would like our customers to be patient with us the next few days. We are not able to invoice, ship, give status updates, or generate new orders due to a current network issue. Technology is great until it isn’t. ... See MoreSee Less

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anyway, I am inquiring a out a push rod install tool. R7mor has it you guys maybe selling this tool. Is that right?

There are times I think we should have quit evolving at the fax machine…

Yup technology, I tried to start a new message but, it failed.

meant: Rumor has it...

I know why Franklin has gotten such a bad rap over the years.

The saga on this 220 Franklin continues. I guess we just do whatever we like on aircraft engines. I guess we just pull a set of non Aviation pistons off the shelf and install them. This is a reportable offense to the FAA. This was supposedly a certified engine.Image attachment

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Just curious I’m not defending the previous engine builder but hypothetically if you didn’t have the faa to watch over you would you use more modern aftermarket parts, I feel like company’s like sonny Bryant, crower, Callie’s could forge cranks as good or better than the original, pistons are now extremely high tech with the 3d modeling an hundreds of thousands of hours of r-d, camshafts an updated valve train components, I see these old engines an see a lot of room for improvement, I’m not saying use off the shelf automotive parts but improved purpose built aircraft parts by automotive aftermarket suppliers.

The offense may have happened several owners ago. Make sure you're reporting the right person if you report it.

I find this a lot with Ranger engines. I'm curious, what was the reason that it came to you for overhaul?

I'm with Brennan wondering why someone would go to this length to engineer a piston for the Franklin. Not to excuse the legality and "experimental" aspect of what was done, but I have to wonder if these pistons might actually be superior to the originals. I guess the big question is, how long since these were put in and how was the engine fairing?

The shop that did this need reported and shut down.

Any idea of who did the work? My first 220 had a piston break in flight but the connecting rod pounded it into an unidentifiable lump…but I know who overhauled the engine before I acquired the aircraft.

Floyd's cheap engine overhaul service...warranty! 30 seconds or 30 feet!

Please tell me this was installed on an Experimental and not a Certificated?

Looks like a set of JE bbc pistons. Lol. Wow.

Just like the guys I seen reuse con rod bolts and crank gear bolts on lycomings. Astounding some of these people ever got their A&P.

I find it very interesting that they’d go to this length. I wouldn’t think it’s easy to find a piston that would fit the bore and have the correct wrist pin diameter! Seems they tried harder to make something wrong work than just using the correct piece. Wonder what the deck height is on that piston vs the stocks?!

My favorite is the Allis Chalmer exhaust valve!

Dealing with one of these situations right now and not the first time. This "handy" work looks familiar. Make sure the piston pins are legal and not the .001” oversized NON-FAA-PMA pins… Exhaust valves PEP/NON-FAA-PMA and not sodium filled?… Bearings re-babbitted?… crankshaft ground undersize by automotive shop & not re-nitrided?… valve springs not PMA’d and ground I.D. to fit?… Pirated STC and NON-FAA-PMA’d engine mount & exhaust to install in 172/175? Wonder if any of these contributed to the horrifying fate of 7043M? Great Job Airworx for catching this and turning it into the FAA!

Did you ever find out who did the build?

Time to report it! This is unacceptable! These types of mechanics need to be punished and removed from aviation

Thank you for your service and contribution to aviation! Wow thank god your catching all this stuff.

Reminds me of the one we had. Could of killed us. Thank God for Angels, ethical A&Ps and Airworxs!!

How many hours did it have

You get what you pay for.

John Vaughn


It's sad, but there's a LOT of stuff like this out there. I always refer to them as "Flying Totals", because it would exceed the value of the aircraft to make things "Right/Legal" again. In the 29 years I've been in Aviation, it's gotten to the point, where Nothing surprises me anymore. You can never underestimate the capabilities of those who are stupid, especially when they don't KNOW they are stupid.

Did Harold Halladay from Lamesa Texas sign off on this? He did a motor for me. Was told he knew what he was doing. He did. Ripped me off good and put lives at risk. Reported to the FAA. They did nothing. Knew about his BS long before I met the Prick


Report 'em

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We are in the beginning stages of doing a prop strike inspection on a 220 Franklin. This engine was done at some point in the past and we are opening up a can of worms. So far, oil pump bolt not installed all the way and apparently shanked out yet safety wired, incorrect nuts on cam studs, and repaired camshaft that had no approval to be installed unless as a mechanic, you had an 8110-3 or as a repair station you have an approved repair spec. Airworx is the only repair station in the world that has the authority to repair cams like this and install. We previously did these repairs with a multi-use 8110-3 approved around 2009.

Just to be clear, this wasn’t done by any of the current shops doing franklin engine overhauls.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Not that I want that engine, but it would be a bad mofo in my 172b

Cams like what and install? Franklins?

That hardware and safeties hurt my eyes! That's basic day-one stuff. This was obviously built by someone who did a garage overhaul on a car engine and thought now they're some expert and can do aircraft engines too. This is why I won't touch a plane with a field overhaul.

Just looking at those cam nuts I’m pretty sure I can tell you who put that motor together.

Not believing that oil pump bolt ..but I do because I've seen similar in the industry.

Thanks for sharing. Interesting to see the stuff you guys find.

Real spiffy safety wire job too

People are dumb! Wow that’s terrifying

There is some sketchy shit that goes on out in the field :-/

Chatham Holt

Disappointing yet, hardly surprising. The shoddy work that gets done in the field is unreal.... Good catch


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