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They do this when they're in the nose of a flying airplane. 2.2 hours in paradise this morning, we're on our way to another 120 flying hour year. Thank you for an outstanding product.

Oh boy!!!! Can’t wait 😀🤗🤙

Blast from the past. Just a little history to share from 1963.

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$550 (plus parts) for a FACTORY overhaul?? Dang, things have changed...

Gas was .11c/gal

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Same setup as my 108-2. Its definitely a great combination!

longer than dc's rebuild ?


Usually when you get a letter from the FAA it’s not a good thing. Today we received a good letter. This is now the formal stages of obtaining or FAA CRS. Once completed, we will be the only Repair Station with Franklin Aircraft Engines on our approval list.

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Long live Franklins The first shop ever since the Franklin Factory closed in 1975 to have any positive futures for Franklin. susan@franklinparts.com Job well done.

Congratulations! I know that's the result of a lot of hard work. Very happy for you and your team there.

Outstanding! Congratulations to you and the entire Airxorx team, Chris.

I guess I am late to the game What got approved?

Well done and well deserved.

Congratulations to you & the team

I always thought Pete rose should be in the Hall of Fame!

Awsome, and Congratulations !

Well done. That’s not a small task.

Congratulations brother

Thats great news




Great Job!

I guess I thought you had it already. Pretty cool


Congrats, Chris. Very cool.


Thanks from all of us


Well, alrighty now!

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Another Franklin 165 being assembled after the meticulous machining at Airworx.Image attachment

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The Stinson community should appreciate the blessing it is to have shops that dedicate themselves to excellence in Franklin service. They make ownership viable.

Damn that looks good!! Nice work Chris and crew!

They run like this when they're done.

4 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Position Available

Job Title: Manual Machinist - General�Location: 7139 Jimmy Sellers Rd. Brewton, Al.�Salary: $14-$17/hour, based on experience�
Summary of duties and minimum qualifications:
Duties: The successful candidate will utilize general machining skills to make FAA approved repairs to crankcases, aircraft cylinders, and other reciprocating engine parts. Our machinists work in a bright, clean, climate-controlled environment along with other experienced professionals.
Required Qualifications:
• 5- 10 years’ machine shop experience in either automotive or aerospace
• Piston engine cylinder, crank case, and other internal steel parts
• Manual bridgeport, Berco line boring, sunnen, serdi, and Kwik way experience.
• Manual milling machine and lathe work to within 0.0002 inch tolerance
◦ Grinding surfaces to finish size.
◦ Proficiency with the use micrometers, calipers and other precision measuring devices
• Excellent reading comprehension and math skills.
Preferred Qualifications:
• A&P license and/or continuing education
• Experience with NDT procedures, magnetic particle, ultrasonic
• Familiar with aerospace quality control procedures
Must Have:
• Excellent work history and on-time performance
• Impeccable interpersonal skills and ability to communicate professionally
• Professional appearance with mature temper-free demeanor
• Must pass DOT drug test
• Must be flexible - willing to work multiple functions and as part of a team
... See MoreSee Less

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"I don't charge by the hour it took me to machine this part, I charge by the years of experience it took me to become efficient and accurate"

Are cases X-rayed for stress cracks .just wandering if that's a requirement.

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Is all baffle like that for that engine??? If not does it provide better cooling

Split baffle, belt driven alternator? What is this going in? Unique oil fill and pan.

It looks like a jeweled watch. I can't wait to see the video of the test stand run.

6A-350 Franklin being assembled after everything was machined in-house at Airworx. All parts were custom fit to provide the minimum clearances allowed in the overhaul manual for a safe, long lasting, smooth, powerful Airworx overhauled engine.Image attachment

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I have a 6A-350 in my plane. What is the average overhaul cost for this motor?

what kind of pait is that on the engine case ? would like to paint my vw aero engine . Thanks

How about that... I'm a "TOP FAN" all of a sudden! 🙂

Yes and those blue accessory case gaskets are purely seductive!

That's just airplane porn, pure and simple..

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Video image

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Shared! Some awesome quality work there.

Great video

What’s the maximum you can take off a crankshaft before it becomes unusable?


Great video!!

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Now that’s flying! Great job!

Super cool!


Epic What is it???

So cool

Karin Price

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Airworx LLC has teamed up with a freight carrier to provide our customers with deep discounts while shipping engines and components to us for repair. We try to save you money while providing you top of the line quality at Airworx.

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Sounds like there is a plan coming together.

Hope that includes the UK !! 👍

Crankshafts for Franklin and Lycoming engines are racked and headed to our nitriding vendor.

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Metal-Tec in Mobile Al.

Who do you use for your nitriding vendor if you dont mind me asking?

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