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What was your tach shaft issue, Chris?

Is that a surefly/lycoming electronic ignition I see 🤔

When it's time to overhaul mine I'll be sending it to you

We now have the approved repair to do the small Continental crankshafts and repair them back to standard limits using HVOF repairs. We are the ONLY shop that can legally do this.

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Metal spray, old techniques done to sleeve bearings .

How is this work by priced ? Thanks for the effort. Should be great for the aviation community.

You guys are crushing it! Hopefully the O-300 is next!

Are Continental A series on your radar?

Can you fix a crank that dials out .010 at the flange ?


Will you ever be able to repair Lycoming O360 crankshafts?

Lyc O-435-1?

Airworx LLC "The little shop that Can"!

Rods and mains?

Congratulations Chis.

Can I send one now ?

What Abt the o-300

Back to standard? Like weld them up and regrind?

That's HUGE!!

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2 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

We would like all of our o-300 customers to know that we have a repair for the oil sumps that get corroded so bad. We will be able to repair them back to a factory new condition with our repair process. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is great news….Airworx is helping us plane owners out !!!

Thanks for giving this engine some love. And the new HP pistons too.

What kind of repair? What is the process?

How much does the repair cost?

Airworx is excited, to say the least, for our Franklin customers. We now have FAA approval to repair your Franklin crankshafts. The repairs allowed are to repair a cracked flange, build up the rod and main journals back to new limits using HVOF repair, and repair the gear end by HVOF or chrome repair. This now keeps crankshafts available for all of the Franklin engines.

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Guess I need to go take my lamp apart!! 🤣🤣

Well, I’ve got a couple of them that I will probably be shipping down at some point!

You guys are doing great things to help the GA community, keep up the great work!

Excellent work!

Oh wow! A cracked key way can be repaired?!

This is great news! Thanks for the good work!

Holy smokes! That is great!

Let me be the first to say, THANK YOU.


Keeping history flying. This is awesome.

Bob Wilkinson

A total game changer!


Revolutionary !

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2 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx has just gotten approval to install high compression pistons in the Continental O-300-D engine. This will be for 1 engine that can be used as a test bed for a future STC. and will still be a certified engine. We anticipate an increase of horsepower from 145 to approximately 180 with this modification. Airworx is always looking to support our aviation family with new processes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Very interested, please post updates as you progress in the stc process. This could be a game changer for 6 banger Skyhawks.

This is good engineering and all. My two cents is this. 11 years of assembling repair and overhaul engines is, if all the parts are perfect as many are much older than myself need to be up to "holding up". This also depends on many things, like maintenance, and regular flying hous etc, etc. Good on your company for making parts and improvements that make the engines better, more reliable and safer.

Please make the STC available for older versions including the C-145!

I am interested! My engine has been recently majored with 100 SMOH. How much would it cost me to change the pistons and the STC for my M4

180 HP is a bit of a stretch, but 165-170 is believable, especially with port and polish. I'd like to see the dyno results. What CR are the pistons going to be?

Love this!! My O-300D is a wonderful engine, just underpowered for our 172

Do you know yet if the auto gas STC would still be valid with the increase in compression if this is ever approved?

If the stc upgrade works out ...will it maintain the ability to continue using autogas stc too ??

I imagine you cant give a lot if info yet and don’t think this is a complaint. Ill probably be right in line to order the STC but 145 to 180hp is quite a jump. Is the O-300 strong enough? Will the STC require a change to a MA4-32 or MA4-5 carb to have enough flow? Any change to prop flange or prop bolt size for HP increase? If 180 hp will it need fish plates on the cylinder bases like the 160hp Narrowdeck O-320? Just comparing sizes of components to other engines in that HP range.

Wow, doing what we just hoped for. In anticipation of a 100 no-lead perhaps? A Tangent program for the 0 -200? Combined with Electroair's electronic ignition, my heart be still....

yes please! how about doing it for the earlier models of the 300 too!

You're claiming a 20% HP increase just by installing higher compression pistons? Bullshit.

170B with an O-300-A

Would this be all o-300’s or just the D? My O-300B with an adjustable prop would LOVE it!

Which airplanes can it be used in ? Can certificated airplanes be used ?


Been there done that. On the 0-300. Send me a pm if want some data

Will this include the earlier O-300's? A/B/C versions?

Who do I write the check to!!! Any word on a billet oil pan for the 0-300!!?

What about for an 0-200?

Lot of old jugs might not like that

Chris, your shop is amazing. It's easy to talk about improving and supporting old engines, but you guys DELIVER. The work product is high quality, the support is first rate, and the fact that you're able to turn quality and capability into approved products is the icing on the cake.

Josh Ferguson Cooper Smith this is big news !

I'm in. I'll purchase the first STC when available.

Cory Deslauriers

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Airworx now has the approval to use some updated engineering and components for the Franklin engines. The new oil pressure adjustment for all of the 6 cylinder Franklins is at manufacturing and approved for use and the new seal less transfer collars for the 180 and 220 Franklins are approved and in hand.Image attachment

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Forgive my ignorance but what does the oil pressure adjustment piece do? Is this a bolt on or does it need to be done at overhaul?

This is great. Always innovating. 👍👍


New clean room/assembly room is now open and ready for use.

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Amazing First Class Facility! Congratulations Link..

Holy smokes that looks amazing!

hey saludos pueden ayudarme con un manual para saber de la instalación de cilindros pistones aros de segmentos motor lycoming io540 por favo

Looks Incredible Chris.


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Airworx has put a new clean room in and it is move in ready. We had to have more space which will provide better QC and organization for our engine builders. Of course we have to thank all of our customers for keeping us busy and trusting us to do your engine builds. Our engine assembly room is now in the same building (adjacent room) as our engine dyno which will allow final assembly QA and engine runs with QA oversight prior to shipping.

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Any updates on that crankshaft process?

That looks Great! Any word On our crankshaft? Have our parts arrived?

Mine is on the way!

Christopher Loria Collum we have come up with a mag testing machine might be something u need

Airworx now has FAA approval on our new proprietary Franklin oil
Pressure adjustment valve. We are getting quotes to have 40 of them made and these will fit all of the Franklin 6 cylinder engines.

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What Aircfraft and engines will it be approved for?

Yes !!! New Franklin parts !!!

145 approval, or PMA approval?

Let me know the price ASAP.

Want me to quote?

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1 month ago

Airworx LLC

PSA!!! Airworx staff will be on vacation from June 3rd until June 12th and will be back on the 13th. We will not be answering calls, emails, or texts during that time and will be completely away from any work functions. We look forward to taking care of you when we get back. ... See MoreSee Less

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What kind of way is that to run a company? I mean....not devoting every waking minute of your life to it 24-7, taking time off to chill and unwind, *AND* making sure that your employees do the same? Pfffft. Enjoy, Chris 😉

That's a great way to take a vacation.No phone calls or text or email.

One for all and all for one

Me Too!

EXACTLY what I would do too. Enjoy your time away. It's Yours, and you've definitely earned it.

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1 month ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx would like to share some exciting news! We have contracted with an engineering company to build and approve specialized repair processes to use within the repair station. Currently finished is the approval to do certified weld repairs in the Franklin aircraft engine cylinders with no limitations as well as our new stainless exhaust brackets for the Franklin 180/220 engines.

Coming next which is very exciting, is an approval to do HVOF repairs to journals of crankshafts back to standard limits as well as flange weld repairs. This is going to be a game changer for crankshafts that are impossible to get.

We have well over 20 specialty repair specs in work which will make Airworx the leader in helping customers save money without impacting safety.
... See MoreSee Less

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What is an HVOF Repair..? There are too many Acronyms in this business...

It will be a JOB just keeping the FAA-Required Repair Station Capabilities List up to date!! 🙂

Oh very excited about this crankshaft process.

Excellent news!

Airworx to the Franklin rescue !

This is an ABSOLUTE game changer that revolutionizes the GA Engine world. Congratulations to you Chris. I love the way you are constantly innovating.

all cranks or just Franklin cranks ?

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That's a lot of work.

I saw that oil pressure and thought, “how in the hell do you get 73 PSI out of a Franklin?!?!”. 😂

That is SO cool.

Ariel Alberto Argente


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Great job Mike. It is truly amazing.

A work of art !!!

Looks sharp!

Looks great! Lets talk cause I would like to duplicate that on the O-320-E2D you have.

Continental gold?

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Airworx has a set of high compression wide deck o-360 Lycoming cylinders in overhauled condition ready to go. The will come complete with new pistons, rings, rocker pins, thrust buttons and finished to .010. 950.00 each and will only sell as a set.Image attachment

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These look. great

will they fit a 396 chev?

Set of 4 or 6? Compression ratio?

2 months ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx will be increasing shipping pricing on engines and components immediately. Engine will only ship with manufactured steel brackets that will cost us to have manufactured. Due to the incompetence of the forklift operators and drivers with the various companies as of lately, we are getting reports of shipping damage to engines. Additionally, engine overhaul cost will be going up to compensate for the extensive time and materials it takes to run an engine in. All engines whether it be IRAN or Overhaul will have to spend time on the dyno to ensure you have a trouble free and pleasant experience with the product you receive from us. ... See MoreSee Less

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That last part about time on the dyno is the thing that makes every dime you’re asking for worth it. We recently had an engine by a well known rebuilder have a failure at less than an hour due to mismatched internal components. A dyno run would’ve stopped this issue before it even arrived. When the replacement engine arrived the oil leaks after a 5 minute run were unacceptable. I think your policy will take you far in your reputation as a repair facility.

This is a confusing post. The quote you gave me for my engine specified 4 hours of run in time on the test stand, yet when we received it there was no evidence it had been run at all. The list of issues we had would have surely been caught if it had been run for even a brief time. The second and third engines we received likewise appeared to not have been run at all, an assessment that’s supported by the mags on both engine having been set to TDC. To say there’s been some frustration with the engines we’ve received is putting it mildly, the engines look good but quality control needs work. If you need to increase your rates to properly account for the time that entails then certainly do it, but it’s time you already had built into past quotes. No argument with the shipping method. The metal stands you fabricated supported the engine perfectly and none of the engine sustained damage in shipping.

I just has an engine block tore up 5000 in insurance

Trust me brother I see it everyday on the loading docks I'm allowed to go on. Most places will not let us on the docks any longer. All of my BOL's have the letters S,L&C next to my signature when I pick up any loads now especially if I can't inspect the load before I leave. I'll have to make a video of the way my trailer bounces around when they run the lifts in and out of it.

Over the past 2 years shipping damages on all of our stuff has been getting worse by the week. Its pretty sad.

Next time I will use expanding foam

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