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Split baffle, belt driven alternator? What is this going in? Unique oil fill and pan.

Is all baffle like that for that engine??? If not does it provide better cooling

It looks like a jeweled watch. I can't wait to see the video of the test stand run.

6A-350 Franklin being assembled after everything was machined in-house at Airworx. All parts were custom fit to provide the minimum clearances allowed in the overhaul manual for a safe, long lasting, smooth, powerful Airworx overhauled engine.Image attachment

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I have a 6A-350 in my plane. What is the average overhaul cost for this motor?

what kind of pait is that on the engine case ? would like to paint my vw aero engine . Thanks

How about that... I'm a "TOP FAN" all of a sudden! 🙂

Yes and those blue accessory case gaskets are purely seductive!

That's just airplane porn, pure and simple..

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3 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

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Video image

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What’s the maximum you can take off a crankshaft before it becomes unusable?

Shared! Some awesome quality work there.

Great video!!

Great video


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Now that’s flying! Great job!

Super cool!


So cool

Karin Price

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Airworx LLC has teamed up with a freight carrier to provide our customers with deep discounts while shipping engines and components to us for repair. We try to save you money while providing you top of the line quality at Airworx.

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Sounds like there is a plan coming together.

Hope that includes the UK !! 👍

Crankshafts for Franklin and Lycoming engines are racked and headed to our nitriding vendor.

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Metal-Tec in Mobile Al.

Who do you use for your nitriding vendor if you dont mind me asking?

Another Franklin 6A-350 ready for a new life. Stay tuned for the finished product.

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Is that when it showed up at your place?

Nothing like starting with a shadow!

Holy crap 🙊

Hot oil tank that complete engine

Our engine Dyno room is coming together. I have our exhaust fans ordered to remove the CO and am looking for a high CFM blower to force cooling air into the cylinders. We hope to have this new Airworx process up and going in a few more weeks.Image attachment

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We’re are you all located

Very cool! Someday when I'm in the area I want to tour your shop.

Why is CO2 a concern for you?

How do we ensure our measurements are good. This is our tracking sheet of preliminary inspections and the final inspection. The lower portion of the form is for crankcase main bearing bores. The limit is 2.4055-2.4065. This takes time to do right but it’s the only way we do it at Airworx.

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Can’t wait to fly behind the 220 once she’s done by you.

WOW 5 digits i guess you not using a dial caliper from harbor freight ..

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Certified overhauls? Or experimental only? My 220 is going strong but sooner or later a rebuild will be on the table.

I’ll be in touch, I have a Franklin 220 in my Rallye I’m concerned about.

Why do we do our own case overhauls? This was done by “ Brand X” less than 1 hour of run time ago. See the non touched area that didn’t lap. Customer built his own engine and has had it apart 3 times due to oil pressure issues. He sent us the case to inspect and we found the main bearing bores to be oversized by anywhere from .0005 to .001. We are correcting his case to exacting tolerances to eliminate the problem. It’s not about doing it fast it’s about doing it right!
Preliminary case cleaning process prior to overhaul at Airworx. We love what we do and love that we have a full service machine shop to provide our customers with the quality that they demand.Image attachment

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What kind of solvents or cleaners do you use ?

How are those new cranks coming?

Before and after pictures of lapping a case.Image attachment
Airworx working Lycoming and Franklin crankshafts in house. From measuring, to NDT, to micro polishing, to grinding and nitriding. We do it all at Airworx.
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