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Should have a deal worked out on this tomorrow. Airworx is taking aviation over the top.Image attachment

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A dyno! Wow! That is next level! You'll be able to certify power and torque levels to your customers as well as experiment with cams/porting/bespoke high performance engines (say for Reno or aerobatics). Great news!

That thing is cool. I used to have use of a portable test cell for my turbine shop in the Coast Guard . We used to run the heli turbines on it. It had a dyno and everything.

World domination next step! You are going to have to build a bigger shop!

Swaid Rahn

Why is a dyno "next level"? If you intend to modify vital systems like cams, valves, ports, ignition, injection, displacement, bore, ... on a combustion engine isn't there no propper way but a dyno? Or is exhaust temperature enough to rely on? Anyway. You are walking the right path.

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4 days ago

Airworx LLC

We are getting very serious about putting a dyno in our shop. It’s a very expensive piece of equipment and have to figure out how to make it economically feasible. Question to you guy is what would an acceptable price be to do the runs on a dyno vs a run stand. The dyno would have the ability to print all of the data and send it with the engine. Please comment on any and all thoughts about this. ... See MoreSee Less

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Call Barrett. They used to do it years ago but now only do their own engines. I wanna say the cost was around $1,000 including shipping but this is all based on my memory. If I recall talking to them at Sun n Fun about doing my engine they had stopped doing it for customers because they had some bad experience with tying up the dyno with engines that hadn't been prepared properly, incomplete etc. I'd like to get some pulls done on a race motor for evaluation of exhaust systems. F-1 race engine is a stock 0-200.

Not sure how all that data would be useful without a comparison to what engine was like 200 hrs run time prior to rebuild.

I’d be good for about $1k

What are you thinking for a price? Would have to know that before I could say.

Bill Lutz Jeff Green yall know where a dyno might be

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Another o-360 ready to go.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Nice workmanship

Another O-360 Lycoming on cue to be finished Thursday. Glad to be back at it after a long much needed break.Image attachmentImage attachment
We have purchased a Haas VF-3 4 axis CNC milling machine. It will be in place by the end of January and we will be machining some of our R&D products, some replacement parts (to be used in house) that are no longer available, and custom jobs as requested by our customers. We will also be looking very closely at adding a cnc lathe in the near future. Airworx’s growth this next year will be phenomenal with new capabilities and with STC projects that are already underway.

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Airworx is making Franklin ownership viable. They may be the single biggest driver of higher Stinson values, giving new owners the confidence that the Franklin will be supported.

Nice to see the progress you have built!

I see 0-300 oil pans in the future 🤞

Picked a good mill, cant go wrong with HAAS

Good choice

Dang boy I need to borrow a couple hunna grand

A Haas machine will serve you well. They’re cousins of mine from Oberkirch Germany.

Nice Ludmilla. Enough for closed deck mono blocks and billet heads?

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Airworx is considering the purchase of a CNC 4 axis machining center and a CNC lathe. This would allow us as a repair station to build certain parts in house. We are also considering development of an experimental engine based off of an old design that isn’t in production any more.

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Love the growth! I will be referring customers to you for any engine overhauls!

You know I'm on board with it and ready to assist promoting it! 🙂

Wouldn’t the Franklins be awesome if they had rubber intake boots instead of the solid cast manifold?

Forgive me for the unsolicited advice, but please look hard at the competition before your attempt a resurrection.

Franklin 180? We are like children anticipating awsome!

Hopefully that development will accommodate unleaded avgas.

We can help you if you need reverse engineering and part manufacturing

Chris, I have a friend who is in the business and who sells this equipment. I’ll PM you his info.

Do it!!!

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Lycoming o-320 cylinders ready to ship. Overhauled at Airworx.

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Chris, Merry Christmas to you and yours. You are a craftsman and a superb businessman. Thank you for all you do for GA!

What’s the pricing?

Tony Daughtry

4 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

I would like to inform all of our customers that we will be closed from December 23rd until January 3rd. We will not be answering phones, text messages, or emails during this time. This will be the first true get away from work in 20 years for myself and I’m looking forward to spending 100 percent of my time with family. Thank you all for the continued support and we are looking ahead to the production we have slated for the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Airworx family. ... See MoreSee Less

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Chris you and your team have beyond earned it Merry Christmas and have Happy New Year.

It’s been a pretty big year of accomplishments. Happy Christmas and a Good Year to you, your family and your entire staff.

That's the way Chris. Smell some roses you have earned it.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time off. The rest will be there when you get back.

Good on you brother! Family first!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy the vacation.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Sir.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Awesome, enjoy your family time Merry CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.

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The new Berco RAC-1500 producing results as expected. Manganese phosphated after NDT and grind. Quality speaks for itself at Airworx.Image attachment

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Do you have masters for C90 cam?

Why not offer some WCC coating on the cams? It is arround 4 microns thick and reduces friction as well as wear. Had some pretty impressive results on high pressure actuation cams in an airbus project. No shearing off or noticeable wear and reduced friction moment from over 140Nm to under 50 in a high pressure line contact. Check oerlikon-balzers if you like. It is deposited in vacuum and exceeds the DLC stuff. Expensive but worth it. Had hardened Cronidur 30 at 62hrc as cam. Without those 4 microns the cam welded with the opponent on first actuation!

Continental IO-550 ready to be stuffed back in a Cirrus. Zero time since overhaul by the team at AirWorx.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Our customer is ready. We told him this is personal attention to detail over a factory overhaul.

I feel like it would be better stuffed in my 182 😅

Looks like we need a bigger assembly room. 4 Lycomings and a big Continental will be finished on Monday. 

6 on the schedule for January builds.

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Great job!

That’s def not enuff space or bench space. Lol

1 month ago

Airworx LLC

We started this several months ago and our team members couldn’t be happier.

The 4-day work week will become a competitive advantage

During The Great Resignation, millions of people have been doing more than walking away from their jobs. They’ve been rethinking the role that work plays in their lives. There’s a growing number of talented, motivated people who are interested in doing a great job in less time, according to organizational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant.

For decades, leaders have equated commitment with long hours. At long last, more are recognizing that you can excel in your work and care about your workplace without making it the dominant priority in your world. From Microsoft Japan to Semco in Brazil and the government of Iceland to Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand, organizations are figuring out how to make the 4-day work week work.

Before COVID, it was a novelty. In 2022, the 4-day work week may start to become a competitive advantage for companies. Companies that offer 50 extra days of freedom a year will have an easier time attracting and retaining talented people. If you’ve decided that there’s more to life than work, it’s hard to imagine a more enticing and exciting proposition.

Every workplace has a gravitational field. Leaders who take the 4-day work week seriously will draw stars into their orbit.
... See MoreSee Less

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We went to a four day work week about two years ago. I can tell you as a business owner that my team gets more done in 4 days than they previously got done in 5.

Certainly it is becoming more and more popular here in New Zealand and definitely helps attracting a better quality of staff!! They are more productive as well!!

I did a Sunday through Wednesday week 10ths/day for quite a few years at the tv station I used to work at, 1p-11p. That got us through the 6&10pm news as well as quite a bit of production time. I’ve been a proponent since then. 3 day weekends are pretty sweet!

Gotta learn more about this. Kudos to you and your team.

We start after the first of the year.

We work a 4-day (10 hr. days) week at BAE. Awesome to have a 3-day weekend every week.

A dozen donuts helps more than you would think

How many hours a day are you talking about in a 4 day work week?

Or people are just getting lazier

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Looks and sounds great !!!

How long will it run on the stand. Do different engines test run for different times?

1 month ago

Airworx LLC

We are working on another stc with our engineer for the Franklin 180/220 engines. The STC will eliminate the transfer collar nylon seals and will fit the crankshaft at a clearance fit of .0006 to .0018. This is the same clearance as the big Continental engines. The STC will be a solid design change for the Franklin engine community. The collars are being manufactured and we hope to have the testing done in February. ... See MoreSee Less

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This STC will stop the crankshaft oil leak . That’s perfect !

Can’t wait!


Tim Hutchins

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