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Our CNC machinist playing around on our HAAS VF3 machine today. He is building us engine assembly spacers that have timing marks etched in. Lycoming especially are difficult to time mounted vertical because of no marks on the flange. Easy to do now. 

We should be making a run of the Airworx 220 Franklin exhaust clamps which are FAA approved in the next 2 weeks.

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Being a tool how would you calibrate that. I never understood the metal travel boards the feds said needed to be calibrated.

I’d bet there is a market for that Timing aid.

Have you guys found a vendor for the lycoming crankshaft repair process yet?

Hey can I get one of those…we are ready to start re assembly of the O-320-E2D

6 days ago

Airworx LLC

We know everyone is waiting on engines and we are diligently working as hard and as fast as we can to provide you with a quality and safe engine. We, like most shops are backed up on work due to a global parts shortage. The supply chains seem to be loosening somewhat so we will be working some overtime the next several weeks to begin the process of catching up. We can’t apologize enough for the schedules not being met. ... See MoreSee Less

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Can you send out a gasket set for a 4AC-199? Specifically looking for/needing gen/alt pad and the case top plate.

4 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx now has 3 150/165 and 180/220 crankshafts on the shelf as spares. Funny how we go from none available to a stock of them. We also have extra cases including 220 cases. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx will be building a 165b3 as an overhaul exchange engine. 26500.00 with a core exchange or 31500.00 outright. Core must have a repairable crankshaft. ... See MoreSee Less

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Joel Dopson will this work for you?

To those following the high compression O-300. This is the engine completed and the dyno it will be going on to generate operating data for our engineer. We know that many people are interested in us doing an STC and that is our intent. This will take some time so be patient because we believe it will be worth the wait.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Would this configuration be compatible with Swift UL94 or GAMI G100UL fuels?

What is the horse power increase? What is the new TBO? How much for the overhaul?

Any data yet?

This would be ab outstanding upgrade for my 59 o300a at overhaul.. I will definitely keep an eye on your progress.

Excited to hear the results! I would be an early adopter of this mod once approved. Love my 172G but a few more HP would be fantastic.

I’m keeping an eye on this. I’ll need an overhaul in the next couple of years. Would love to get some more HP at the same time.

Put me on the list! I’ve wanted to do this for years!

I'm happy to put it on our 58 172 and flight test it for you. 🙂

I’m ready! Deciding between selling mine and moving to something faster or waiting for this to happen!

Yep, I'm watching as well, my 0300a is currently past TBO but running great .. wanting to do this for my 170b

This is awesome Chris! I will definitely do this if you make it available. I have two cores here that will need an overhaul in the near future. We have another third aircraft engine whose owner is also interested. Please keep us updated, I know these things can take a long time to get approved. 😎 Keep up the good work.

This is really exciting to see for all the ol’ o300 powered planes! Any chance something like this will be done for the o200s in the near future??

Is this something my local A&P would be able to install after any necessary work to cylinders?

Will this be applicable to the A model O300?

Cool project!

Apart from high compression pistons, what other modifications are you planning for this engine?

Definitely interested

Awesome I am very interested 👍

Yes!! lets go!

Very impressive!

Always impressed!

Sign me up!

Waiting for the Dyno results!!!

Jason Harper

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4 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx is considering building a 6A-335 series 180 HP Franklin. We have the parts to do it but will only build it for someone that needs or wants one. Let us know. In the Stinson 108-3, it is installed with a service instruction and no STC is required. ... See MoreSee Less

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Have a cost yet?

Those engines are so smooth.

Are you converting a 165, and if so would there be a core value for exchange?

Could this go on a Stinson 108-1

Can you put it in a 108-2?

They sound like this - turn the sound up all the way.... Just immaculate. Reliable, smooth, torquey.

Joel Dopson

Wanda Dudley Goodman

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We see lots of things at Airworx but this was a new one. Helicoil repair that was done off center at a stressed hardware location. Lycoming o-320 crankshaft.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Unbelievable. A helicoil repair to the Lycoming Jesus bolt threads. One of highest stressed and critical bolts on the entire engine. That is criminal-

Its crazy the hacked crap out there. I knew of a guy who reused that bolt "because hes building an experimental" guess what not even 100 hrs later it failed.

Can this be repaired to a Safe Spec. by going to a larger bolt?

Didn’t use enough Loctite?😆

Lycoming helicoils those things believe it or not. With a stamped “H” by the hole. Gotta be done correctly though.

Ohh! There’s the “H”. Didn’t see it originally. See them weekly. It’s wayyy too common.


Good catch What was done to necessitate the repair and why not get it done correctly? It's only the Fucking Crank....



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Have you found any vendors for the lycoming 4 cyl repair?

What are Franklin cylinder liners made of?

Are O-290D's on your list of engines you can overhaul under your CRS?

1 month ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx has our web developer working on an App for us that will allow our current and future customers track their work through the shop. This will allow us to be more productive without having to status machine work though phone calls or emails and will give you the ability to see real time daily updates. We hope to launch this in the next few weeks. ... See MoreSee Less

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How are things progressing with the O300 increased HP mod. Is it on the back burner? I've got a still flying one that a few hundred over TBO. Would love to do the STC you are working on in lue of the Lycoming STC... Other than not getting a CS prop your mod just makes better sense to me.

Smart move! I'm sure you get emails on "is it done yet?" all the time! Ha

Neat idea

1 month ago

Airworx LLC

The amount of machine shop work and engine overhauls arriving from customers has been unprecedented over the last 7 weeks and we are doing everything possible with the addition of new machinists and overtime to try to stay ahead. That being said, if you need services and are in a hurry, we advise sending them to our competitors. We don’t think they can be any faster but we don’t want you to be dissatisfied with our speed or our ability to provide you services in a timely manner while still maintaining the quality of work you would expect. We are continually adding new processes and machines to help speed the current timeline of projects. ... See MoreSee Less

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Cost-Schedule-Quality. Pick two, they determine the third. You don’t normally see firms this transparent. Keep at it Chris. You and your team are setting the standard.

Don't let speed prioritize and wreck quality. I'd rather wait for quality work any day.

Well said, Chris. Hard to take care of everyone. Especially the “rush” jobs. Gotta keep that quality up!

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machinist true love right there, love it!

Love the videos!

Somebody is giving away too much info! 😂

When you can’t find a replacement camshaft for a Continental LTSIO-520 due to wear on the gear end, what do you do? You have your RS Engineer develop a hard chrome repair,  build a custom center, and grind it to our Airworx approved engineering data.Image attachmentImage attachment

2 months ago

Airworx LLC

Hi Chris,
I’m happy to report that the 0-540 in the Stinson is peppy and strong. Great performance and smooth. Starts right up. We saw that the oil temps dropped about 30 degrees the other day and I believe we are getting close to broken in. It’s got about 15 hours according to the electronic tach. Even the cylinder heads came down a bit and all are below 350 and more like 330. We have been keeping an eye on oil pressure relief noting that it will change as broken in as you mentioned. We will adjust accordingly. I just wanted to give you and update and thank you and the gang at airworx for a reliable and beautiful piece of machinery that performs as good as it looks.
Have a great day. — with Christopher Loria Collum.
... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Airworx LLC

Airworx is hiring:

CNC programmer and Operator for HAAS VF3 machining aircraft engine parts and refurbishing old parts

AirWorx is an independent, Veteran owned and operated company.

We specialize in state of the art Aircraft Engine machining and assembly. We hold level II NDT certifications in magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent penetrant inspection.

AirWorx is an FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station repairing and overhauling Lycoming, Continental and Franklin Aircooled Motors.

Job description:

Plans and develops machining processes by studying work orders, blueprints, engineering plans, materials, and orthographic drawings.
Programs mills HAAS VF3 by entering instructions, including zero and reference points.
Sets-up mills , tools, and attachments.
Loads feed mechanism by lifting stock into position.
Verifies settings by measuring positions, first-run part, and sample workpieces
Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations.
Maintains equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements.
Documents actions by completing production and quality logs.
Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
Work hours are Monday through Thursday 6:00 - 4:30.
Pay 30.00 per hour and up based on experience
80 hours paid vacation yearly
40 hours PPP time
Major holidays off

Medical insurance possible as part of benefit package.
Educational assistance to enhance job duties.

CNC Operator Qualifications and Skills

Ability to operate CNC mills
Great computer and technical skills
Good attention to detail
Strong team player
Must be self-motivated

High school diploma or equivalent
5 years of experience operating CNC mills and lathes in a production environment

Send resume to
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