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11 hours ago

Airworx LLC

Just wanted to update everyone of the Aircraft Specialties issue we recently posted about. Eric, Steve, and Harold called me Monday to apologize and let me know to continue sending our crankshafts in for nitride. They are even going to take them to the plating shop for us when they finish. Apparently they were not aware that we are indeed a repair station and after looking at our website that we are moving to be one of the leading machine and engine shops in the country. Thank you to our customers and to Aircraft Specialties for standing with us as we continue to grow. ... See MoreSee Less

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Eric and the crew at Aircraft Specialties are good folks. Like all other repair stations they have been slammed since spring 2020. We will continue to do business with them as they do a great job. Great to see them keeping you as a valued customer!

Congrats Airworx. You have built an awesome reputation. Look forward to seeing you grow. (when does the new building go up)

Glad to see Aircraft Specialties was willing to reevaluate their position. Best to both firms!

You're still pushing to do cranks on your own in the future though? You guys are killing it!

Glad it worked out For both parties Well Done

Good news, Chris! Does this mean I can send you my 435 now? It needs parts, man...tons of parts...

Excellent news!

That’s good news. So what was the deal? They didn’t want to do the quantity of you weren’t a repair station? I’m not sure I understand that, seems like they are just doing a service and shouldn’t matter if you are just a individual vs a repair station. Maybe I’m missing something.

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Lycoming o-435 IRAN almost complete. Between this engine and some cylinder we have in work, I think I’ll pass on any more 435 engine work. More difficult to find parts for than a Franklin ever was.Image attachment

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Posted this on the repost but I’ll post it here too…..I have a ton of 0-435 parts in the loft, a whole engine disassembled, exhaust stacks, old jugs, etc…. If anybody who reads this is near Compton airport and wants them come and get it!

I might have an idea for piston rings…. I ordered a set of Mack E6 engine rings and they are very close, are you interested at looking at them?

Not the first time I ve heard that

Is this Matthew Crumps engine?

Looks great Chris!

Keep them all running

You the man

Better get mine in quick smart !!

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3 weeks ago

Airworx LLC

AirWorx needs to clarify our work
Hours. We work Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am until 4:30 pm central time. We take phone calls from 8:00 am until 4:30. We will not take calls or respond to emails on non work days. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone but we need our off time to regroup for the following weeks work and to spend time with our families.
Shop number is 251-809-2959 and email is
... See MoreSee Less

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You have to set boundaries when you are in demand like that. Otherwise, you can never escape the constant interruptions. I appreciate your willingness to answer any of my calls and emails over the years and respect your time.

They have always been great to work with.

Perfect work life balance it will keep the employees around too!!!

Good for you. I run my own business too & am always amazed when folks call or text me at 10:30 at night to ask questions

When you crank grinder has been down 6 weeks for what was supposed to be a 2 day rebuild of the workheads, you have to get cranks knocked out to start getting your head above water again. Half down on main journal and rod journals back in work on Tuesday. Same amount of Lycoming and TCM cranks in cue to do after the Franklins are finished up.

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First crank rod journals look like toast

Looks like a lot of life

AirWorx doing a set up on our crank grinder after having the work heads rebuilt. We have it dialed in to .00025 taper over a 20 inch span. That is dialed in about as close as possible and will yield excellent crankshaft grinds.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Quarter thou per foot is what we shoot for as a plumb tolerance on the vertical hydro units we deal with at work. Nicely done!

Supreme precision. Airworthy engines probably look like new after reaching TBO. All starts with outstanding build quality.

That’s where craftsmanship begins. Precision!

Well that’s just way closer than it needs to be! Well done.

AMC’s are impressive machines. Where do you get your parts for that grinder?

Spot on Chris.

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I remove broken bolts weekly sometimes daily. I’ve never seen this before. Can you explain the process?

You guys get to do the coolest stuff!

Crude but effective edm popper.

EDM for the win!

Cody Cutrell

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It’s not only Franklins that break cranks. Little C85-12 Continental came in Friday for cam bolts sheared off. Customer was in the downwind when it broke and made it back to the runway.

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So it had a new top end 100 hours ago. More than likely a stress fracture that the new power head caused to completely fail. I’m always Leary of a fresh top on an old bottom end.

I got a cousin’s buddy who can weld that for $50🤣

Did it have a prop strike once? There’s a lot of GA not for hire planes that have had prop strikes and no tear down. People think if the flange isn’t bent it’s ok. Not the case.

What would have been the root cause of a break like that? Stress from the cam bolts breaking? Overheating?

Metal propeller???

That fracture appears fresh minus the portion nearest the connecting rod castellated nut. Can you see an initial fracture?

No bueno

Wow! Hey, is everyone healthy again?

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AirWorx is adding a completely rebuilt Berco RAC-1500 camshaft grinder to our arsenal of machine shop equipment. While we do have a grinder now, it has been too big for our shop and much older than the “new” one. We should get increased quality as well as increased production. We will also be delving in to custom grinds for experimental engines in the near future. What other engine shop can machine all of your parts and build your engines in one location?Image attachment

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Do you have masters yet? For stock cams.

this is exciting, I’m glad to see this in aircraft engines.

Are you guys doing the lobe design of the custom grinds if you don’t mind me asking?

1 month ago

Airworx LLC

AirWorx would like our customers to know that we are behind on our workload. We have all been infected with Covid over the last few weeks and 2 of our great team have gotten it in the last few days and are out sick. Additionally some of our vendors are currently impacted and parts orders are delayed. Rest assured that we are doing everything possible to get back on schedule. Keep Jonathon Cranford and Dylan Evers in your prayers for a speedy recovery. ... See MoreSee Less

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Take care of yourselves first....your health is important! I'm just glad there's a good shop available to keep our old Franklins going!

Just sent an A-75 case and Crank your way. No rush!

Speedy recovery to all. Engines can wait - family and health first!

Hope you all feel better and come back to full strength soon!

Sending prayers

Prayers for everyone my friend

Oh.......... Sorry!

Get well soon everyone

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Machined bores if a o-540 Lycoming case.

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Just remember there is no substitute for cubic inches....but then it also has been said that the substitute for cubic inches is more cubic inches...”Stroker Ace”

No tool marks nice.


Work of art

2 months ago

Airworx LLC

AirWorx will have revised work hours due to a death in our family. We will be open today until 4:00 pm and on Tuesday from 6:00 AM until 12:00 PM. We will resume our normal hours on Wednesday . ... See MoreSee Less

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Sorry for whoever you lost. I know your all good folks, and I know that by the way I was treated, while you were working on my engine parts!

I sure am sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family.

Sorry for your loss Chris.

Damn Chris sorry to hear that. Please let Laurie know I’m sending prayers

Sorry for your loss, Chris.

My condolences...

Sorry for your loss....

My condolences

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Big Lycoming TIO-540 IRAN due to cam and lifter failure all finished up.

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A separate subject. AirWorx came up in many conversations at OSH and is well regarded. 👍

A cam shaft failed on a Lycoming never heard of such a thing 😃

What was the likely cause of the cam and lifter failure?

Franklin 6a4-150 Heavy Case available for sale or upgrade on your build at AirWorx. This is the same as a 165 heavy case except with the 150 lifter bores. Case in O/H condition.

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Is it still available and how much to complete and be ready to fly?

Repairing a leaking Lycoming 360 case. Performing the count later bores for o’ring seals at the through studs and installing p.010 studs. #stoptheleaks.

2 months ago

Airworx LLC

AirWorx would like to let our customers know ahead of time that if you send an engine to us for overhaul and it has non -approved hose fittings, adapters, lines, etc. we WILL NOT reinstall those. As a certificated repair station, we don’t have the option of just putting whatever works in the hole. Remove your fittings before you send it to us. Also, as part of our warranty process, a certified mechanic or certificated facility is required to do the install or you will void your warranty. This is just a heads up. Any questions please ask. ... See MoreSee Less

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Its OFFICIAL!! We are extremely proud to say that after 2 1/2 years, we are the newest FAA Approved part 145 Repair station.