Your Link to a better engine overhaul!

AirWorx is an independent, Veteran owned and operated company. 

We specialize in state of the art Aircraft Engine machining and assemblyWe hold level II NDT certifications in magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent penetrant inspection.

AirWorx is an FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station. We have purchased and will soon have in operation our own engine dynamometer for doing engine break-ins and experimental performance testing.

 Note: While we support our suppliers with orders of parts, we are not operated by those suppliers nor are our services directed by them. 

We are a private owned entity.


our services

Overhaul and Repair

Send us your engine and we will do a full FAA certified overhaul. This includes replacement of all life limited parts, gaskets, etc. Our experienced A&P’s will overhaul your engine manual specific and right the first time. You will have all the proper certifications necessary to get you back flying with confidence.

Cylinder Overhaul

We are one of the few companies out there that can overhaul cylinders in house. This reduces wait time dramatically. We wanted to be 100% sure you get quality work without having to wait 5 months.


We have all the best tools to properly inspect and machine all internal engine parts. 

our Difference


We are familiar with all reciprocating engines, however we specialize with the Franklin. There are few that know this engine as well as we do.


We have all the Non destructive tools to properly inspect engine parts. We use Starret, Mitutoyo, and Sunnen inspection equipment as well as a TSI magnetic particle machine capable of coil shot and head shot inspections. All of our inspection equipment is in a calibration program. Precision measuring and testing equipment is key to providing top quality results.


We CARE because our work is our reputation. We feel that a satisfied customer is key to our success.